Ā Discover your inner world, transform your outer reality, and help others grow using the Enneagram.

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Intro to the Enneagram

A Self-Paced Online Course

with Josh Lavine & John Luckovich

  • Overviews of central concepts
  • In depth videos on each Enneagram type
  • Applications for inner work

This course is exactly what you think it is. Learn the Enneagram from scratch or refresh the basics.

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Upcoming Events

The Sexual Instinct

4-Part Class starting July 30
With John Luckovich & Alexandra Arroyo-Acevedo

Deepen your relationship with your sexual instinct through live lecture, practice, and Q&A.

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Instincts & The Passions

Seminar on August 18
With John Luckovich

Learn about the deep relationship between your instinctual drives and the Passions of your Enneagram type.Ā 

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Dreams & the Enneagram

8-Part GroupĀ Program Starting September (details TBD)
With Kristen Oberly & Kaisa Jauhiainen

Explore the imaginal realm of dreams, and develop an intimate relationship with your unconscious through creative practice.

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Latest Pod

What It's Like To Be You (WILTBY) is our podcast where Josh Lavine interviews inner work practitioners and people of each Enneagram type.

What It's Like To Be You

#36:Ā Kim, Enneagram 7: Surviving Trauma, EMDR Therapy, Avoiding Entrapment, and Settling the Mental Froth
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Selections fromĀ our blogĀ 

Development "vs" Awakening

Aug 18, 2023