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Live Coaching Session

with Josh Lavine

4/17/24 @ 6:30pm ET

Volunteer: Kalla

Type: SO/SP 6w7 639

Topic: Wanting perfect orientation before I feel like I can be effective

Context: 6s often believe that they don't know enough to be good at what they want to do, especially to start a new venture where they are the main act. Kalla is considering a career path as a coach, but this self-questioning pattern can lead to paralysis or, in Kalla's words, an "orientation stall." 

Description: This is the upcoming installment of an ongoing series in which Josh coaches a volunteer in front of a Zoom audience. 

This is an opportunity to see someone being coached on a topic with real emotional stakes for them, and to see how type structure plays into such moments. Sessions are 90 min.  

~ 45 min coaching
~ 15 breakout room debrief
~ 30 min Q&A


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