Self-Paced Online Courses

Intro to the Enneagram

Taught by Josh Lavine & John Luckovich

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Developmental View of the Centers & Object Relations

Taught by Josh Lavine & John Luckovich

12 Hrs in 6 Parts
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Pain of the Blindspot Seminar

Taught by John Luckovich &
Alexandra Arroyo-Acevedo

2.5 Hrs in 2 Parts
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Live Coaching Sessions & Recordings

Live Coaching Sessions with Josh Lavine


Josh coaches a volunteer in front of a Zoom audience. 

Witness someone being coached on a topic with real emotional intensity for them, and explore how type structure plays into such moments. Sessions are 90 min with Q&A.  

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The Instinctual Drives and the Enneagram

by John Luckovich

In this book, John Luckovich achieves, for the first time, a coherent theory of the instinctual drives based in biology, evolution, and developmental psychology, and places instinct as central in inner work.

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Trifix 'Venn' Booklet 

by David Gray

David Gray’s visual map of trifix energies, presented with his signature symbolic impressionism. A fascinating, right-brain learning experience. Forward by John Luckovich.

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