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Live Coaching Sessions with Josh Lavine


This is an ongoing series where Josh coaches a volunteer in front of a Zoom audience. 

Witness someone being coached on a topic with real emotional intensity for them, and explore how type structure plays into such moments. Sessions are 90 min with Q&A.  

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Online Courses


Developmental Theory of the Centers & Object Relations


The Centers of Intelligence are foundational to the Enneagram but are often hazily understood. In this class, we explore how centers arise in the first year of infancy. We combine this developmental view with insights from Object Relations to reveal more clearly than ever the psychological blueprint  at the bottom of each type. This view also explains why "trifix" is true and has practical implications for inner work. This class has both content and practice. 

Seminar Recordings

Ancient Egypt & Inner Life

with John Luckovich.

Recorded on Jan 14, 2024

Description: The Enneagram comes from the Fourth Way tradition, which finds its roots in Ancient Egypt and the Ennead of Heliopolis. The aim of the Fourth Way is to use the conditions of ordinary life for deepening presence and awakening consciousness. This aim was shared by the Ancient Egypts, who sought to shape their entire civilization into a living temple, an instrument of self-remembering. While the Egyptians are long gone, they left behind extraordinary artworks and monuments that express these values and offer powerful guidance for modern seekers. In this class, we will be applying a Fourth Way lens to draw meaning from the wisdom and art of Ancient Egypt.


The Instinctual Drives & The Enneagram 

by John Luckovich


In this book, John Luckovich achieves, for the first time, a coherent theory of the instinctual drives based in biology, evolution, and developmental psychology, and places instinct as central in our inner work.


Trifix 'Venn' Booklet 

by David Gray


David Gray’s visual map of trifix energies. His symbolic, impressionistic approach makes for a fascinating, right-brain learning experience. Foreward by John Luckovich.