#32: Bob, Enneagram 2 — Personal Touch, Saintly Inspiration, & Having a Special Place in Others' Life

“I simply drove to this person’s house right away when I was feeling this rejection and said, listen I’m sitting outside in the car if you want to come out and talk. You know, but I didn’t go to the door and knock. I didn’t want to intrude. I want to respect his freedom. But at the same time I want to say “Hey let’s move on and see what’s happening, and if things need to shift and if I have missed some things, please.”

Bob Fecas [SO/SP 2w1 279] is a spiritual advisor, mentor, and teacher of philosophy and theology in the Atlanta area for over 25 years.

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0:00 Intro

1:54 Losing Friends & having a "special place" others' life

5:22 Relational disappointment on 70th birthday

7:36 Response when others become “removed"; driving to their house

12:32 Hand on student's shoulder

15:05 Positive Outlook: Expecting relational patch ups

16:53 Helping to help or to feel appreciated?

19:12 Faith — human disappointments couched by a higher love

24:53 Grief & exploring the insincerity of 2

30:36 Being inspired by the Saints; goodness, giving

35:14 Being a teacher — students over content

38:30 Bob's 2-ish compliment to Josh

39:37 Bob's joi d'vivre; physical contact with all

42:15 Gift of making personal contact, even in “discipline"

44:54 Teaching philosophy, relationship with student central

47:59 Relationship as reason to live; as teacher, engaging the unengaged

54:22 The 4 types of teachers 56:38 Another compliment from Bob

57:11 Excellent 2 superego example

58:32 2s being "hypocrites," insincere; 2 image vs identity

1:00:35 Bob's humanness relative to inspiring saints

1:04:00 Owning vs avoiding negative emotions; real vs fake positivity

1:10:42 How do you know when you're spiritually bypassing

1:16:05 What's the most unhealthy you've been psychologically?

1:20:58 Parsing Crises of Meaning vs "going down the levels"

1:25:00 Emptiness underneath the image

1:29:14 Thanks & Salutations

1:31:16 Plugs


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