#31 The Work of Byron Katie with Todd Smith -- How to Question Stressful Thoughts Sincerely

"I've often heard people talk about The Work of Byron Katie as the "how"... there's the "what" of spiritual development... you know freedom, what it looks like... it's described so well in terms of Essence in the Enneagram. There are many ways to talk about it in many traditions. And there are many ways in terms of the how. But Byron Katie's is such a simple and accessible how. Like, take this step, follow this step, go through these little points... and there's often some evolution happening in just 20-30 minutes."

Todd Smith is a facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie -- one of the most powerful methods of inner work I've encountered. We discuss what it is, demo it, and debrief. Enjoy.

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0:00 Intro

2:21 Overview of The Work

6:22 Starting The Work -- Josh's stressful dinner

14:21 Unpacking the stressful moment - emotional interpretation, finding the right words

17:25 Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet Line 1 (there are 6 lines total)

20:49 Line 2

22:33 Line 3

28:27 Line 4

31:32 Line 5

33:35 Line 6

37:42 The 4 Questions - "Be in that moment" as you answer

39:21 Question 1

42:44 Question 3

44:37 Catching myself "performing"

55:19 The Turnarounds

56:47 Turnaround 1

1:02:14 Turnaround 2

1:11:06 Heart Center "Image" in the work

1:14:12 Turnaround 3

1:15:36 Summary of The Work

1:20:01 The Work is top practice but resisted; attachment to suffering

1:27:02 Todd's reflection on enneagram & the work

1:31:20 The 3 Centers & The Work

1:39:07 The Work & Gendlin's Focusing (finding the right words)

1:48:34 The power of allowing the tantrum

1:47:09 The practice vs "image" of having an open mind

1:51:13 Diagnosis not same as cure

1:56:23 The Work & Adult Ego Development

2:02:44 We approach inner work in the style of our type

2:09:45 Salutations

2:12:55 Plugs 


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