#29 Yamira, Type 5: High Stakes Art, Grief & Creativity, & Crossing the Bridge to an "Other"

Yamira [SO/SX 5w4 531] is an artist in New York. Watch this interview on YouTube so you can see Yamira's art as she talks about it.

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0:00 Intro

1:49 Why make art?

7:34 Grief losing whole portfolio of art (!)

10:49 What was the Grief like?

12:09 On delaying "dealing with the grief"

13:55 Facing fear and becoming a more "public" person

15:15 5 themes - cerebralizing emotions; privacy

16:50 Becoming more "public" by working at a restaurant

19:51 Wanting to be known; (re)-introducing myself through art

23:19 High stakes art has my Self in it (vs impersonal, low stakes art)

24:29 Example of "lower stakes" art

28:44 Yamira's burrowing 5 mind; getting to more clarity & precision

30:59 What did you learn about grief? -- and how that changed the art

36:13 Yamira's redemptive post-grief arc

37:35 Tattooing, want my art to help people (Though not the why)

40:16 Beauty inherently helps people

41:45 The intimacy of tattoo art; how collaborative?

46:01 Realizing it can be good to share yourself with others. "Didn't used to care about it"

51:22 Overcoming natural tendency NOT to share; childhood memories of rejection

55:49 Social life as an adult

58:55 Others as "aliens"

1:01:30 From isolation to intimacy; "can't respect everyone" (& inner critic backlash); I want to have

fun together but not be clowns

1:06:42 Merriment! - SO/SX with 1 fix - "We should be enjoying ourselves!"

1:11:06 What's this been like?

1:14:48 Plugs