#20: Emily, Type 8 (Enneagram Skeptic) – Social Power Dynamics, Untouchable Independence, & Sensitivity [SO/SP 8w9 836]

Emily [SO/SP 8w9 836] is a beautiful example of a heart-forward 8 who has done significant inner work and values her sensitivity. We get into what it means to be in a social "power position," why that's important for her, and what it means to value her vulnerability, among other things. Really good, high resolution introspection. Emily graduated from Yale undergrad and Oxford business school. She also rowed on the Irish national team. She currently works in a purpose-driven startup bringing smoother money transfer services to Africa and beyond.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/TkPCccFhjqU




0:00 Intro

0:43 Setting up the convo

3:49 Enneagram origin story; mistyping as 7; skepticism about Enneagram

10:27 8 Basic Fear & Desire, feeling "uncomfortably seen"

11:51 Leaning on being sought after socially; & the self-protection of being in a "power up posiiton"

15:21 the fear of being at the mercy of someone else's control; coming back to self-trust

16:51 Being protective of others; feeling "compelled" into action; "Rallying of every atom in my being"

19:34 Developing discernment, “letting go" when activated, what makes that hard

21:59 Feeling supported when others give their "truly honest opinion"; doing this for others

25:59 Picnic story - calling out a misogynistic joke

30:14 margaritas and bicycle story - "My independence is untouchable by you"

36:03 The appeal of doing a startup; Being alive through "Exerting your creative life force into the world through the lens of business"

41:19 need to feel like i'm on the edge of win or lose

42:04 solo training for a marathon, ice baths, pushing body to limits

43:28 Tough leadership lessons in sports and business

48:21 "I'm a sensitive person," friendship and vulnerability; my vulnerability is valuable

53:15 Why did you say yes to this?

55:16 Plugs!

56:10 Outro


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