#23: Kristen Oberly, Enneagram 9 – Dreamwork, Depersonalization, and Coming (Back to) Life via the Unconscious [SO/SP 9w1 963]

Kristen Oberly [SO/SP 9w1 963] is an exceptionally gifted dream analyst, artist, and guide for the unconscious realm. We explore her misdiagnosis with paranoid schizophrenia, her bouts with depersonalization, and the way she has come back home to herself by following her fascination with the unconscious. A very interesting and particular case of Social Bermuda 9, but the core 9 themes are certainly here: numbness, dissociation, and coming back to life by following the natural flow of my life force.

To Find Kristen –
Personal Website: https://www.inkstoryrebel.com/
Sinsomnia Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/cz/podcast/sinsomnia/id1684154994

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Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Cr6-ZCd6z-Y


0:00 Intro

5:27 When two bermudas meet; You've made a spash; original contributions: dreams, trifix art -- SO tracking "how people earn respect in this group," getting typed

9:48 Lurking in groups; do you feel like one now? "in shock" that my contribution went anywhere

12:55 Interview anchor points: typing, misdiagnosis paranoid schizophrenia; depersonalization; living in "alternate dimension"

15:22 "She's in her own little world" growing up; hallucinations

19:40 What is paranoid schizophrenia?; relief in diagnosis, being located, "this is what I am," a thing to tell others

23:11 "Betrayal of all 3 centers"

26:10 Timeline of diagnosis & symptoms; what's depersonalization?

32:10 9-ness and depersonalization

35:35 What's helped?

37:30 Guinea pigs screaming -- a dream example that helped you come home to your body

42:31 Physical reality not affecting me, but unconscious dream world waking me up (literally)

45:02 Toggling on/off of existing; checking out

48:05 Genuine inspiration of dreams calling you back alive; Avatar Kristen, interfacing spirit world and physical reality

54:12 SO 9 - fear of making others uncomfortable?

58:38 Kristen's flow state; mastery & precision, poking the nerve, freedom from typology in her moments of interpreting dreams

1:04:52 Kristen's dark witchy vibe & "bite" contrasted with "harmonious" 9 vibe

1:10:16 Kristen's 9 Bermuda Swirl vs Josh's 3 version

1:15:48 Kristen's Art Bermuda Swirl, honing in on "archetypal" art

1:19:46 The Bermuda Swirl's Intelligence

1:26:37 What’s this been like?

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