#25: Siena, Type 8 β€” Immediacy in Movement Art, the Mystery of Fighting, & the Innocent Heart of the 8

Siena Hassett [SX/SO 8w7 827] is a Theatre Maker, Movement Artist, and someone who really embodies the virtue of the 8 -- Innocence: the joyful unselfconscious expression of one's life-force, and the willingness to be affected by one's environment. Siena is so alive and engaging, and I couldn't help but be moved by her wide open presence in this conversation. I really appreciate how we moved from "caricaturing" her 8ness in the first 15 minutes to unveiling her real sensitivity and heart, especially as we explore her relationship to her art -- and how we navigated that transition together. I'm very proud to release this conversation. This is what it's all about. Enjoy.



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0:00 Intro

2:54 Open ended start: what's your type and why is it true? "Going through the object"

7:10 8 connection to action

11:20 Fear of "deadness," Amping up the situation

15:11 Taking a minute; new direction: life story from college

20:13 Movement art; why apply to corporeal mime school?

21:44 Professor: "I miss having you cry in class."

23:33 Radical decision, moving for this program; "It's what the work needed," SX instinct

26:45 Program before/after, sense of ease, freedom

29:22 Why so passionate about movement art? "It's what my body wants to do"

31:23 Alive moments with the audience; being with the people that night -- my favorite thing

34:08 "What it is tonight"; "What's here right now?"

39:05 Enneagram boxiness vs aliveness -- exploring Siena as an *artist* reveals her 8 gifts; exploring Siena as an *8* lends to caricature

42:58 Being in the river; quality of stillness

43:55 What does it feel like when the search (for aliveness) isn't going well?

47:05 Legs

51:32 This moment feels really beautiful

56:42 Why do we forget to be present? 58:47 Picking fights -- what's it like? why does it happen?

1:05:47 Mystery of fighting -- sometimes useful, sometimes not; over- and under-expressing anger

1:08:24 "My body gets so hot inside so fast"; Hard to sit with the anger; 2 stories - retail, & guy with a dog

1:12:39 Inner work for 8; expanding window of tolerance for the heat, not being run by the reflex

1:18:21 Innocence of the 8

1:19:39 What was this like for you?

1:21:26 Birth story -- fighting for my life

1:25:14 When I feel received, I can receive

1:26:41 Final thoughts & thank yous


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