Why the Enneagram for Business Teams?

The Enneagram is a robust personality framework for understanding oneself and others. It reveals the psychological blueprint at the bottom of you ‚ÄĒ the deepest motivations, fears, and desires that give rise to all of your traits, attitudes, and behaviors. Naturally, this translates to leadership strengths, blindspots, and communication styles and can be powerfully applied to work better together as a¬†team. It is also not just a horizontal categorization system, but a ‚Äúvertical development‚ÄĚ framework ‚ÄĒ i.e. how to become the best version of your type. If you¬†are looking for¬†a framework to¬†improve self-awareness & teamwork, the¬†Enneagram is for you.

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Team Intro Package

Follow Up Team Workshops

Individual Coaching

Offsites & Custom Engagements

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Team Intro Package

Step 1: Get Everyone Typed

When we work with teams, we partner with Enneagrammer, the world's most accurate typing service. Everyone submits a short video and collage, which we analyze to determine your type. Then we send you a custom 38 page PDF about your type.

Step 2: Workshop to Learn the Enneagram & Explore Team Dynamics

The Enneagram is highly predictive of dynamics at work. When your team gets typed, we do a custom analysis of your teams strengths and challenge areas.

Step 3: Work Better Together

In our live workshops, we give practical Relating Tips for the types on your team, so that you can take action and improve teamwork right away.

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After the Intro Workshop

Once we know your team, we can help you get to the next level. Most business teams significantly underestimate the productivity drag created by hidden psychological dynamics. We know what those dynamics are, so we created follow-up workshops focusing on the highest impact Enneagram insights for team performance.

Conflict Styles Workshop

Productive conflict is one of the most important facets of a high performing team. But many teams shy away from conflict, and we get it, it can be scary. This workshop explores how different Enneagram types communicate during heated moments. Teams will leave with  practical strategies to communicate more effectively, navigate conflict skillfully, and get back on track when things get a little too hot.

Action Styles Workshop

High performing teams get things done. But individuals take action differently. Why do some people ‚Äújust go for it‚ÄĚ while others are more cautious? Why do some people¬†fuss over¬†doing it the "right way" while others just want to get it done. This workshop explores the¬†underlying motives, strengths, and liabilities of different action styles. Teams will leave with practical strategies for keeping everyone happy while¬†getting things done.

Relational Assumptions Workshop

Why do some types adapt to others, while others let others adapt to them? This workshop explores the relational assumptions that each type carries and how they play out in team dynamics. Teams will leave with deeper understanding of each others' inner worlds and practical strategies to navigate common hidden dynamics at work. 

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1:1 Support

Individual Type Debriefs

Learn more about your unique strengths and challenge areas, your path to growth, and how to be the best version of your type. If we've typed your team, we can help you interact more effectively with each teammate and with the team as a whole. 

Executive Coaching

We help executives rediscover who they are as leaders, uncover the blind spots that hold them back, and lead with world class emotional competence. If we've typed your team, we can also help you be more effective with the specific personalities you work with.

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Offsites & Custom Engagements

Each team is unique, so in addition to our prepackaged workshops, we also facilitate custom engagements to address your specific context. This includes off sites, custom workshops, mediation, and individual and team coaching.

High performing teams of all kinds have coaches that run practice and coach "on the field." The book Trillion Dollar Coach is about Bill Campbell, who famously coached the early Google team, Steve Jobs, and other silicon valley greats in this way. In Team Coaching, our facilitators will coach your team, drawing on the following possibilities:

  • Attend team meetings to¬†coach realtime dynamics
  • Coach teammates 1:1
  • Hold strategic joint sessions with teammates that need to work things out
  • Facilitate custom offsites to define strategy, values, culture, and rules of engagement

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