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Support Group

reflect - recalibrate - release


August 22, 2023 - 8 weeks
6:30 - 8:30pm EST on Zoom

- limited capacity -

A Support Group for Attachment Types

What's an Attachment Type?

The word Attachment is borrowed from Object Relations Theory, which describes how early childhood relationships carry into adulthood. There are three basic Object Relational Affects -- Attachment, Frustration, and Rejection -- which refer to ways that we cope with parenting misses, like when we want mom's attention but she doesn't give it. 

The Attachment Types are types 3, 6, and 9. These types are the most likely to respond to relational misses by abandoning their true needs and desires and adapting themselves to their environment. In so doing, they live from the outside in rather than the inside out and delay "becoming themselves."

By contrast, the  Frustration Types (1, 4, 7) and Rejection Types (2, 5, 8) naturally live from the inside out, but often delay developing the flexibility of personhood that enables truly mutual relationships.

Why an Attachment Type Support Group?

This group is specifically for anyone with a core Attachment Type: 3, 6, or 9. 

Because Attachment types adapt to their environment unconsciously, it is very difficult for us to see when and how we have left ourselves. We are creating a space in which Attachment Types stop adapting, return to their "original shape," and anchor to their center.

Together, we will explore the psychological mechanisms that cause self-abandonment and support each other in living into who we really are.



Josh Lavine hosts the Podcast / YouTube show What It's Like To Be You, where he interviews people about what it's like to be their Enneagram type. He is a Co-Founder of The Enneagram School, the originator of the Developmental Theory of the Centers and Object Relations, and a Certified Integral Coach. He also coaches executives, founders, and investors in startups. His type is SO/SP 3w4 396 -- or, a triple attachment 3. 

Alexandra Arroyo-Acevedo is a co-host on the Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast. She also does personal Astrology readings and Enneagram-based commentary on reality TV shows like the Bachelorette. You can find it all on her website, Her type is SO/SP 9w1 963. 



The main focus of this program is sharing and listening, and we will enforce Rules of Engagement to create a soul-safe space.

There will be some teaching, but the "educational" component will get lighter in later sessions to make room for more sharing. At each session, we will present a concept regarding Attachment and feature music, art, and/or poetry to help participants access deeper layers of their own truth.  


This class meets every Tuesday for 8 weeks starting August 22, 2023.


The fee for this program is a sliding scale from $500 - 750. 


Class Size

We are limiting this program to a maximum of 12 participants.



This program relies heavily on the witnessing power of the group. In that spirit, we are asking that you fully opt in and attend every session. We will allow, but not encourage, 1 excused absence.


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