What It's Like To Be You

Long-form interviews with accurately typed people of each Enneagram type and experts in inner work modalities such as Focusing, Alexander Technique, The Work of Byron Katie, and more. Hosted by Josh Lavine. Listen as Podcast or watch on YouTube.

Enneagrammer Typing

Get typed or learn how to type from the world's best. Check out their the Facebook Group, Discord, and excellent written content on type, trifix, and instincts.

Big Hormone Enneagram Podcast

Reverent to the Enneagram, and irreverent to everything else, BHE exposes the mainstream Enneagram world's self-deceptions and explores fresh distinctions with sincere curiosity and sharp intellect. Sometimes offensive, always thought provoking.

Sinsomnia Podcast

Three brilliant Enneagram 9s explore the unconscious through dream analysis. Fascinating, personal, and courageous. Dreamwork is *real.*

The Instinctual Drives and the Enneagram

In this book, John Luckovich achieves, for the first time, a coherent theory of the instinctual drives based in biology, evolution, and developmental psychology, and places instinct as central in our inner work. 

The Trifix Booklet

David Gray’s visual map of trifix energies. His symbolic, impressionistic approach makes for a fascinating, right-brain learning experience. Forward by John Luckovich.