A Developmental View of the Centers

An Online Course

6 Recorded Zoom Sessions
with Josh Lavine & John Luckovich





A Fresh Take on the Centers and Object Relations

The Centers of Intelligence are foundational to the Enneagram but are often hazily understood.

In this class, we explore how centers arise in the first year of infancy. We combine this developmental view with insights from Object Relations to reveal more clearly than ever the psychological blueprint  at the bottom of each type. This view also explains why "trifix" is true and has very practical implications for inner work. 

This class has both content and practice. We teach our Developmental view of the Centers & Object Relations, practice together, and assign daily practice for outside of class. 

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Josh Lavine is a Co-Founder of The Enneagram School and hosts the Podcast / YouTube show What It's Like To Be You, where he interviews people about what it's like to be their Enneagram type. He also plays piano, coaches executives, and works with teams using the Enneagram.

John is Co-Founder of The Enneagram School, author of The Instinctual Drives and the Enneagram, and co-host on the Big Hormone Enneagram podcast. He also paints, facilitates breathwork, and guides pilgrimages to Egypt exploring the roots of inner work.

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The 6 sessions in this program were recorded live with an audience on Zoom.

Each session includes a lecture with real life examples to illustrate concepts, an inner work practice, and Q&A from participants. 


The fee for this program is $150. A payment plan is available.

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