A Developmental View of the Centers

A New Enneagram Class with Josh Lavine and John Luckovich

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Thursdays, MARCH 2 & 9 @ 6-8pm EST





A Fresh Take on the Centers and Object Relations

The Centers of Intelligence are foundational to the Enneagram but are often hazily understood. In this class, we aim to clarify what the centers are and their role in inner work. 

This class will have both content and practice. We'll teach our emerging view of the Centers, practice together, and assign daily practice for outside of class. 

This is our school's first offering. Welcome :)

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Josh Lavine hosts the Podcast / YouTube show What It's Like To Be You, where he interviews people about what it's like to be their Enneagram type. He also plays piano, coaches executives, and works with teams using the Enneagram. His type is SO/SP 3w4 396, and he has attended a lot of trainings, as you might expect. 

John is author of The Instinctual Drives and the Enneagram and co-host on the Big Hormone Enneagram podcast. He also paints, facilitates breathwork, and guides pilgrimages to Egypt exploring the roots of inner work. His type is SX/SP 4w5 458, and he has opinions about what it really means to work with the Enneagram, as you might expect. 

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The fee for the first 4 classes is $100. 

The for the final 2 classes is $50.

Note from Josh & John on 2/17!

If you already attended or paid for access to the recordings of the first 4 classes, you just need to pay $50 and you're set. 

If you're just joining now for the last 2 classes, we ask that you please pay $150 total, and we'll give you access to the recordings of the first 4 classes. We recommend you watch them before March 2. 

You are also welcome to pay for the recordings only. They are the same as the live classes. If you'd like to, please contact us here.

How to Pay 

Our payment "system" is venmo, Paypal, or ACH. We'll work it out with you when you sign up.

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